Destroy Bed Bugs

 Destroy Bed Bugs

Discover why Springer Professional Home Services is the only pest control company you want to handle your bed bug infestation.

Yes, this dreaded bug has returned to cities in Iowa with a vengeance. If you’re in Des Moines, you may have recently heard about the yearlong battle in two downtown buildings, the Elsie Mason Manor and the Ligutti Tower. The building owners spent a year spraying chemicals and wasting countless time and money trying to rid the apartments of bed bugs. Nothing seemed to work. In the end, it was a powerful, less common technique that finally got the job done. This same method can and should be used to exterminate YOUR home or business!

Springer Pest Control uses this method as a safe, non-toxic solution that eradicates bed bugs using only the exclusive and 100% effective RxHeat™ system.



Because bed bugs in any stage of development cannot survive in temperatures above 113°F, Springer’s eco pest control system heats a structure’s interior between 135°F and 150°F degrees for the relatively short time it takes to exterminate bed bugs, including those in tiny crevices.

Environmentally safe, the RxHeat™ process uses no chemicals, only heat, to exterminate bedbugs and their eggs. And because RxHeat™ can be effective in a single extermination treatment, it can be more cost effective than chemical alternatives. The beauty of this type of treatment is that it doesn’t chase the bedbugs away… it actually attracts them to the heaters.

Unlike chemical solutions, heat does not have any residual effects. This allows the hotel, apartment building, or home to be inhabited immediately following the bed bug extermination treatment and cleaning. This gives the home or business owner peace of mind knowing that there will not be any toxicity issues to deal with.

rxheat-in-useBed Bug Removal

Springer offers bed bug removal in both residential and commercial buildings, included but not limited to:

  • Private Homes
  • Hotels
  • Apartment
  • Buildings
  • Condos
  • School
  • Dorms
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing facilities
  • Offices

If you’re looking for an exterminator in Des Moines, Davenport, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, Mason City or almost anywhere in Iowa, let Springer Pest Solutions handle your bedbug situation and rest easy knowing that the job will be done right!


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I was very pleased with the service Aaron provided. He was very friendly and he performed in a timely manner; I would refer Springer Progressional Home Services to all of my friends and family!

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We’ve used Springer for so many years now, I can’t count them. For most of that time Larry has been our bug guy!
not only has Larry done an amazing job but he has become a friend and it is always nice to see him. I have had the opportunity to chat with him about his family and he always ask about mine as well. I trust that he is looking out for us and he is always available to handle the wasp, ants or whatever concerns we have! I highly recommend Springer home services. Make sure you ask for Larry!



Springer Professional Home Services demonstrates knowledge of pests and then creates a solution to the pest problem. Brian works around our busy schedule, is prompt and reliable. We would recommend him and Springer.